Without all the facts, it can be tough to make a wise decision concerning your next vehicle purchase. That is why, we here at J & J Auto Sales in Troy, NY want to help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned car.

When people think about buying a "used" vehicle, they may have a few biases in mind that aren't necessarily true. For example, a buyer might think the majority of pre-owned vehicles are useless lemons that will require more repairs than they're worth. Contrary to belief, however, this simply isn't true. Pre-owned vehicles can be a worthy investment, and at times, may even rival buying new.

One of the major benefits of buying used is that you can enjoy all the amazing features of modern-day vehicles for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, you will reap the benefits of knowing the full history of your vehicle before making your big purchase by running the VIN number through a system like CARFAX or AutoCheck for added peace of mind. Those who buy used also enjoy added endurance and durability of vehicles built today, as they tend to run longer than models built decades ago.

Convinced that buying used might be for you? If you happen to be in the Troy, NY area, visit J & J Auto Sales for a test drive today!